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Thạc sĩ Xã hội học - ĐH KHXH & NV (HCMC)
Cử nhân Kinh doanh Quốc tế - ĐH Metropolia (Helsinki)

One afternoon, while wandering around the library, I casually flipped through the photo book “Mekong Journals,” and immediately, my mind was captivated by the vast river flowing through pristine nature, evoking childhood memories of the sunny highland. In that very moment, my heart whispered a faint “ting,” and so, in 2012, Bitour was born.

As the pioneering company in Vietnam to organize tours for single individuals seeking nature, we aimed to provide experiences that touch the soul. After a transformative trek through the Tà Năng Phan Dũng forest, I decided to expand Bitour’s offerings to encompass nature experiences, as I realized how people naturally connected when immersed in the wilderness.

Observing our customers trekking nearly 20 kilometers from early morning until late afternoon to reach the high hillside camp, I expected exhaustion to take its toll. However, to my surprise, they seemed rejuvenated, happier, and filled with vitality.

This intrigued me to contemplate further.

Having studied sociology, anything influencing human beings was of great interest to me, especially the connection between humans and nature. Growing up in the Central Highlands, my friends and I used to trek, hike through forests, cross streams, and waterfalls since we were young. Nature was never alien to us, and we enjoyed a healthy and joyful childhood amidst those ancient forests.

But I wanted to delve scientifically into the correlation between nature and human physical and mental well-being, especially after experiencing a severe and unrelenting four-month headache. My research journey took me to Japan, South Korea, the United States, and Nordic countries. While there were various research directions, they all led to the same conclusion: nature has a positive, tangible impact on human mental and physical health.

Returning to the East, to the place I was born, I found enlightenment in the silence. I realized that humans are an integral part of nature. Most of the challenges we face are due to living against nature, against our own essence. Personally, when I moved away from home to the city, where nature was scarce, I encountered numerous health issues and other complications.

Thus, I firmly believe that “living harmoniously with nature brings natural harmony.”

Bitour no longer just sells experiential trips; we embark on a more profound path. A path that connects people with nature, fostering healthier and happier lives.

This path also led me to Finland, a place I had long dreamed of visiting. Finland, the happiest country in the world, embraces a lifestyle of love, respect, and closeness to nature. Living amidst Helsinki, the capital city nestled amid vast forests, I experienced this firsthand.

I believe this journey is just the beginning of our “travel to return” trips, where I and my colleagues, who share the love for nature, can fulfill our aspirations.

Travel is not merely about the trips; it’s about reconnecting with our roots, understanding ourselves, and forging a connection with nature to live healthier, happier lives.

I wholeheartedly express my gratitude to all the kind souls, colleagues, partners, coworkers, and customers who have supported Bitour throughout our journey. I thank my family for their unwavering love.

Looking forward to meeting you on our nature-bound trips soon!

With profound respect from the depths of my heart,

Nguyen Ngoc Thu

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