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Bitour is a travel agency that was established in 2012. Bi is the first and only travel agency making tours for singles in Vietnam.

Up to now, after nearly 10 years in the industry, Bitour has persisted in the mission of bringing values to each customer ​​on each trip. And here is Bitour’s journey to bring memorable trips for Bi’s companions!


While operating a traditional travel agency, we found that solo travelers were left out in family members groups or friends groups . And we also found that most of them were single.


We decided to establish Bitour and organize our first dating tour for singles on August 24, 2012 after nearly 6 months of research and development. It can be said to be the first trip organized by a travel agency in Vietnam for singles and we are pioneers.


Bi started receiving invitations for the first and second wedding and the dating trips were held every month.


Single customers wanted to have more trips to discover and share meaningful moments on the journey instead of dating. And we decided to open new destinations from North to South in quiet, wild places. And those are experience trips for singles only.


After a trekking trip, we decided to expand our target market, not only singles but also people who wanted to have enjoyable experiences in nature. And because we had lots of experience of organizing in wild places where there were a lack of amenities. Therefore, operating trekking tours according to our standards was not too difficult.


In 2017, Bi raised the service standards to ensure safety for tourists and built Sustainable Tourism Experiences. Bi had 2 successful years with thousands of customers including young people, family members and Large Companies. They gave us support when we expanded our target market, especially on the Ta Nang Phan Dung route.


Bitour became an important partner of many National Parks because we brought an abundant, stable and Self-Aware flow of clients. We also researched and expanded many different experiences in many different destinations.


Bitour continued providing unique customer experiences and responsibility in protecting the environment.

Come with Bi, and write our stories together!